On this day of our kike grand overlords 5/23/14 I decided to try getting on politicraft.

Here's how that went

Logged in. Reg password its yelling at me okay fine no problem. Reg xxx. CONFIRM PASSWORD!!! Wtf? Okay...? DO REG CONFIRM BLA BLA BLA... Okay.

So I do this. In the middle of typing the cmd it kicks me for connection timeout. "hmm I can just relog and try again right?" Fucking wrong.

Log back in. Immediately yelling at me to do /reg xxx confirm xxx

I tried this I shit you not 50 times. With the correct password I had previously regged (unless of course when it cut me off it fucked it up).

>passwords do not match

Herp da fucking derp well if I just wait it will reset right? Wrong. Well there should be a cmd to reset it in case ya know.....the connection timer fucking kicks you in the middle of typing right? Wrong.

Your server is seriously a giant pile of fucking horse shit if you cannot come up with a better new user login system than this broken pile of autism. Did a 2 year old make this? How the fuck do you fuck up a basic registration demander? How do you further fail to see the need for adding a re reg cmd and increasing your kick timer to more than idk 15 fucking seconds or less (because we clearly all type at the speed of light right guiz).

Please fix this pile of shit so I can actually get on your map before I am forced to be judgemental. Stupidest thing I have ever seen bar none.

PS please try actually fixing this BEFORE deleting this article like most kikes would do.

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