The United Factions (UF) is an inter-factional organization established on 12 May 2014 to promote inter-factional co-operation. The organization was created following the Seven Hour War to prevent another such conflict. At its founding, the UF has 3 member factions. The UF Headquarters is situated in /pol/ Mecca and enjoys extraterritoriality. The organization is financed by assessed and voluntary contributions from its member factions. Its objectives include maintaining server-wide peace and security, removing degeneracy, fostering economic shekel development, settling disputes and providing aid in cases of famine, natural disaster, and armed conflict.

Current United Faction members include:

Prussia - signed SSredit of House Hohenzollern

The Senate and People of Rome (SPQR) - signed Draiden-Kaid, Aedile and acting Consul of the Senate and OyVey the Diplomatic Rabbi

Cascadia - signed theMightyRogo, on behalf of the Cascadian people.

Germany - signed Kaiser Inkognit0 and the german people.

Responsibilities and Privileges (Must be Checked Daily)Edit

-All involved Factions must work at preserving peace, with war being the final option considered.

-Factions involved must have an approved Constitution.

-Member factions are encouraged to open an Embassy at /Pol/ Mecca.

-Embassies are not to be attacked, even during times of war.

-Prevent and put a stop to any Imperialist ambitions.

-Remember the 6 Trillion Jews who died in the Shoah.Edit

Additional NotesEdit

Member factions are not required, but are encouraged, to assist each other during times of War and Peace.

Member factions are not required, but are encouraged to help settle disputes with external factions.

Member factions must announce publicly if they are to secede from the UF at least an hour prior to seceding.

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