Background Edit

Following the diplomatic tension that arose due to the accidental raid on Cascadia, the Sophian government was left in a precarious situation with a potential enemy preparing for war. Deeply concerned with the new alliance between Cascadia and Britain, the political change to a communist dictatorship within Cascadia, as well as the recent attack on Prussia by SRHF with a weapon of mass destruction (wither), and with intelligence that Cascadia was constructing the same weapon! the Sophian government began drawing out plans for a pre-emptive strike.

War Declared Edit

The Republic of Sophia declared war on Cascadia and Britain at 9PM AEST on April 8th 2014. The attack began an hour later.

The Raid on Britain Edit

Sophian forces first began scouting for Britain after it was discovered that the faction had negative power. Soon thereafter, the forces found Britain uninhibited, and began targeting strategic locations for search and destruction. The raid was brief, and the goal was for shock and awe.

Operation Wrath of Zeus (Battle of Cascadia) Edit

After Britain was neutralised, the Sophian forces began marching on Cascadia and reached it quickly. Search and destroy was immediately carried out after discovering Cascadia too was in negative power. All weapons and war materials were found and seized. More importantly, several portals were destroyed to hinder any ability to produce a wither. Land at strategic locations were also seized and materials that could be used to exchange for weapons were also destroyed or seized. In the middle if the operation, the Cascadian Seany logged into the server. Sophian forces were able to neutralise Seany several times, decreasing Cascadian power further, allowing Sophian forces to claim further strategic locations. After being killed several times, Seany stopped logging in. The Battle of Cascadia left the Cascadian economy crippled and brings its very existence into question.

Operation Continual Vigilance Edit

Following the battle, the ongoing mission of the Sophian military is to monitor and eliminate the Cascadian threat. The mission also includes the upgrade of Sophian defence against any further aggression.

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