On June seventeen, in the year two thousand and seventeen, the Order of Thule imprisoned a severely autistic individual known to us as Vibster101, declaring him their slave and that he would not be released until having performed an unspecified amount of uncompensated labor. Alongside this, a known transsexual is a well-respected member of the faction, having been given more personal and property rights than the said autist. Being descended from honest and moral peoples, and holding firm the principles set forth in their constitution’s preamble The Socialist Republic of Honest Farmers finds this development unacceptable and immoral based on the following core principles, which it shall hereafter stand by through all international and domestic developments:

-         All peoples regardless of mental illness hold the sacrosanct right to live and work in an environment of their choosing, whether homeless or as a citizen of any nation

-        Transexuals, having rejected the manner of their creation, have thereby forfeited the above right, and cannot be regarded as people.

In consideration of The Order of Thule’s reversed and objectively amoral treatment of both of the above individuals, The Socialist Republic of Honest Farmers hereby shall enact the following policies should the Order of Thule not correct their course of action and issue a formal apology to all affected individuals within twenty-four hours of one of their officers receiving this notice:

-        All trade between citizens of The Socialist Republic of Honest Farmers and The Order of Thule shall be hereby prohibited. Any citizens of The SRHF who violate this policy shall be duly prosecuted in the People’s Court.

-        Any citizens of The Order of Thule who pass within the boundaries of The SRHF’s territories as defined in Article X Section 4 of the constitution, within five-hundred meters of any SRHF claimed territory, or within rendering distance of any SRHF citizen, who do not leave immediately following a verbal warning shall be killed on sight in order to prevent the spread of these degenerate principles within the Republic and her peoples.

-        All nations who engage in trade or alliance with The Order of Thule shall be by association condemned by The SRHF, and have the above sanctions imposed upon them

Ratified on June eighteenth, in the year two thousand and seventeen, by a majority vote of The Socialist Republic of Honest Farmers' People's Committee. 

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