For the sake of strength, honour, and glory, the people and Emperor of the Honourable Empire of Sophia do proclaim and establish this constitution.


I.      The Emperor is the head of state, all state decisions are within the rights of the emperor to determine

II.    The Cabinet is composed of three permanent members. The cabinet advises the Emperor, and rule in His stead in the absence of the Emperor

III.   The People of The Empire are free to trade, farm, mine and live in the Emperor’s lands

IV.  The Emperor’s decree, or in His absence, a Cabinet member’s decree, must be obeyed at all times

Civil Rights and ResponsibilitiesEdit

Civil RightsEdit

I.      All citizens have the right to life

II.    All citizens have the right to property

III.   All citizens have the right to speech and assembly

IV.  All citizens have the right to freedom from foreign oppression

Civil ResponsibilitiesEdit

I.      50% of obtained items must be contributed to the Imperial Reserve, available for use by the Government and all citizens in dire need

II.    All crimes and misconduct, foreign or domestic, must be reported to the Government

III.   All citizens must maintain an armoury fit for the defense of the Empire at all times

IV.  All citizens must be available to defend the Empire at all times

V.    The Emperor is to be respected


I.      The Emperor, or in His absence, a member of The Cabinet, has the right to declare war

II.    All Imperial and private items are free to be used by all citizens in times of war

III.   The Empire constantly defends the realm and all factions against terrorism at the Emperor’s discretion

IV.  The Empire will pre-emptively defined herself against all threats


I.  The Emperor, or in His absence, a member of The Cabinet, has the right to form or revoke alliances





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