The 7 hour war Edit

The 7 hour war began when MrShekelberg, the leader of Russia, offered to pay a citizen of Prussia to steal everything from Prussia. The Citizens name was Derwit101. After stealing most of the valuables in Prussia, MrShekelberg gave derwit101 TNT and many flint and steels and told him to destroy the city. Derwit did it so he could be payed. After the city had burned derwit joined Russia.

When the leader of Prussia came online and saw his ruined city he was very angry. He sought refuge in the SPQR and gathered support to attack Russia. The SPQR and SRHF attacked Russia and repeatedly killed the Tsar until they were able to destroy everything inside the city. The Prussian flag waved high over Moscow that day. The war was over in 7 hours as the name suggests. After the war, the United Factions was formed in order to stop nations such as Russia from becoming as large and imperialistic again.

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