Found by DaedricDuke on 21/05/14 19:30

Ally of Germany.

Originally called Gorosei the name was quickly changed to the better Silecia. It was also to apease the much larger Germany faction.

It is a small farming community set with the dry desert biome. It's purpose is to protect the NPC villagers and provide supplies to passing factions and travellers.

Constitution Edit

Silesia is a Nationalist Democratic state. All members within it's society have a fair say within it's decisions and political policies!

Leadership Edit

Despite being a Democracy there is still a hierarchy of leadership to maintain control and relay orders easier.

President Edit

Currently(self-appointed): DaedricDuke

The president assigned by majority votes has the most influence in carrying out elected actions and dealing with foreign powers.

Constable Edit


Appointed by president the Constable is in charge of military operations and defence of Silesia. He will work with the President in foreign affairs.

Titans Edit

The Presidents personal guard. Chosen by the Constable these elite units are heavily armed and incredibly skilled. They may also command small squads of Enforcers.

Enforcers Edit

Hired by the Constable Enforcers protect and serve Silesia. If the moment demands Enforcers are will to raid nearby factions and assist those in need.

Citizen Edit

This covers all professions within Silesia. Merchants, farmers and constructors are all Citizens of Silesia.


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