Server Specs


- 40GB SSD Storage

- Located in Chicago

World Mechanics

- The end is disabled

- The map was generated in the largebiomes style, with a circular worldborder set to a 12,500 block radius from 0, 0. The seed was handpicked after dozens of random generations in order to find a world with well defined individual continents including every current biome type.

- Players will randomspawn upon death until they join a faction with a set home.

- The nether will be reset sporadically every few days, so avoid building and logging off there.


- Obsidian is nerfed (can be broken with four direct TNT hits).

- Max player power is 16. 5 is lost per death, and six is regenerated per hour. .75 power is lost each day somebody is offline. Two players are required to claim land in a faction (note three are minimum for for an approved constitution). 

- Ender chests are disabled. 

- GordonFreemanQ's EmeraldXP plugin is installed, permitting the bottling of xp with the left clicking of a bottle on an enchanting table, and the ability to convert xp bottles to emeralds and vice-versa. 

- The NetherBedrock plugin is installed, and any players who attempt to walk on top of the nether will be killed.

- The PreciousStone "Snitch Block" plugin allows players to use jukeboxes as proximity snitches, logging any activity within a 15m radius and giving live notifications if the user is online. Details are on the plugin's website here . A few essential commands are as follows: 

  • /ps snitch: If typed while looking at the jukebox, will list all actions performed within the 15m area 
  • /ps allow *playername*: If typed while looking at the jukebox, will not log the other players actions, and allows them to receive notifications from the snitch. 
  • /ps locations: Lists all known snitch blocks. 

- The plugins SimpleAdminHacks and CoreProtect log every player and mob action, and every block modification, and also allow precise rollbacks to address the results of illegal undeclared raiding. 

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