On the eve of June 15 in the year of our lord 2014, the vile forces of evil, the Brotherhood of Steel and their defenders Armok, declared accursed malintent toward the world's humble farming folk. They are interested only in appeasing their polycratic "Tribune," swelling their bellies and treasuries. Their flimsy excuses and blatant acts of imperialism shall not go unrequited. We can promise their bellies shall indeed fill with brimstone and their treasuries swept away in a hurricane of cold, cold steel. We will wash over them like a scalding wave of righteous retribution and see their families taken by the riptide. Quoth the general secretary Jammit999, "this dick isn't going to suck itself." Henceforth this shall be done and additionally the wretches shall renounce their imperialist ideals or else the roads in all Sodom will run red with their blood


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