On the eve of the twenty-fifth of July in the year of our lord two thousand and fourteen, the Ahungian zealots entered our borders illegally. This breach of our laws was at first overlooked by the venerable Fire1052, as the heretics appeared ignorant of government conventions. When approached, the Ahungians attempted to hide but were willing to meet Fire1052 once Retard_Magnet, Draiden_Kaid, and Trapdoorgranny showed themselves. The offenders, rexarthe1st and hankowen, refused to leave and cited non-existant server policies in an attempt to force us off of our own land. After fifteen minutes of retreating a few meters and arguing some more, the Ahungians had eventually reached the border and threatened our men if they would be so bold as to cross our own border. In response, the heretics sodomized the netherrack fence and claimed a chunk of land just within the border before receiving several arrows in the lower back. Goldenboy of FBE insisted that this action also required that enemy status be applied to the Ahungians, and as such it was done.

This affront to our sovereignty will not go unrequited. We have gone unacknowledged long enough and if the Ahungians do not yield we will crush them. They will know what it means to have your sovereignty so brazenly ignored. The attacks will cease when the offending faction provides a formal document of apology and offer two members up to be sacrificed to the sheep gods.



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