Whereas the Republic of Sophia (also recently referred to by themselves as “The Empire of Sophia”, has recently launched unprovoked acts of war on the innocent nations of Cascadia and Britain under the false pretenses of a preemptive strike to prevent them from acquiring a WMD (Wither of mass destruction):

By the unanimous approval of the People’s Committee and the will of the Assistant General Secretary, the Socialist Republic of Honest Farmers hereby declares war on RoS. This is not a war for conquest, but for justice, and we implore our allies and any like-minded factions on the server to join our quest to right the wrongs done upon Cascadia and the Britons.

This conflict shall continue until RoS agrees to post on the /pol/iticraft wiki a full apology for their actions and a denouncement of their imperialist goals, and have pair reparations to all factions involved in their malicious attacks.

Approved by the SRHF People’s committee (Happymerchant, Retard_magnet, mangofart, fire1052) and Assistant General Secretary (Ddadams) 9 April 2014.

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