SRHF-Innawoods Alliance Edit

Chapter One: Mutual privacy Edit

Member states will respect the borders of their fellows and will never enter friendly lands without first declaring their presence and their intentions. This does not need to be public; the testimony of observing allies will be treated as factual with regards to requests for entry. States reserve the right to deny entry to other alliance members for any reason. Attempts to intrude without permission or with permission explicitly denied will be treated as unlawful.

Chapter Two: Mutual defense Edit

Member states are obligated to send troops in the event of an attack on any of their allies, without fail. To this end, a member of one state may temporarily "join" another at the lowest level so long as they return home when peace is made. In the case of a conflict where the member state is the offender, allies are permitted but not obligated to assist.

Chapter Three: Mutual intelligence Edit

All member states must share the coordinates of their lands and any learned coordinates of other lands among their leaders and are forbidden to share this information with any member of any other faction. Informational leaks are to be considered a major offensive action.

Affirming members of the SRHF People's Committee


Contesting members of the SRHF People's Committee

Absent members of the SRHF People's Committee


Affirming officers of Innawoods


Contesting officers of Innawoods

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