Regarding Normandy:

On the evening of May 28th 2014, a member of the Normandy faction inconsiderately posted in the public chat “does anyone else want SRHF coordinates?” This suffices as evidence that the Normans have most likely been giving out the location of SRHF’s humble farmhouses for some time now, which the peoples committee considers an unprecedented act of aggression. 

Regarding Germany:

On evening of May 29th 2014, it was brought to the attention of SRHF that MarcusDrall of Germany had placed several burning crosses near the territory of SCoI, with the intent of blaming the desecrations on the SRHF, and through this treacherous false-flag, inciting war between the two peace-loving nations.

Conclusion and Declaration:

In response to Normandy’s treachery and the attempted false flag by Germany, the Socialist Republic of Honest Farmers hereby declares war on both these nations. The SRHF also sees fit to preemptively declare war on their allies, the fellow Holy Roman Empire members Prussia and Bremen, though we will take no aggressive action against those factions until they state that they intend to assist Germany or Normandy.   Passed on May 29th by a majority vote of the Socialist Republic of Honest Farmers' Peoples Committee. 

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