Senātus Populusque Rōmānus ("The Senate and People of Rome")

Description Edit

   SPQR is a small faction whose roots lie in Hudson's server. Due to their inability to use advantages granted to them on their home server, and an aversion to such traits as patience, fair play, and maturity, SPQR has vowed never to leave Hudson's. This did not stop several players from creating a faction in Kenney's server through which to carry out impotent, childish antics, however.

   SPQR carries on a notable obsession with Kenney's server. Key to understanding this is understanding SPQR psychology. Most are either underage or subject to regretably immature personalities; as such, they are unable to find entertainment in normal play and must act out foolish annoyances while backed up by incalcuable resources, often gained through crymes, hacking, or other exploits which fit Roman lack of good work ethic. After months of stockpiling and burying their roots deep in Hudson's server, the threat of a rival server taking away players, and thus, the targets of their folly, drove Romans into a frenzy.

   As such, to date the most significant SPQR actions on Kenney's server have been to spam, break rules in petty defiance, and otherwise act like underdeveloped juveniles.

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