From your admin, KenneyTh:

Two Wednesdays ago, /pol/iticraft’s host was switching the physical server. By default when the server itself it totally restarted, Bukkit resinstalls to the selected settings (which at the time were specified to “Most recent version”). The Bukkit version /pol/iticraft was running at the time was slightly out of date, and the ensuing reinstallation wiped all of the plugin data (factions and their land claims, authme passwords, etc).

With all of that information lost, it would be impossible to continue the current /pol/iticraft world, and since I'm currently working over 50 hours a week I simply don't have time to get a new server set up on a new host and configure all of the plugins from scratch. If I have more time to waste at some point I may decide to run a server again, with a better hosting service, but for now /pol/iticraft is sleeping. I'm currently attempting to get a working copy of the last world. If that works out I'll post a link to the DDL or torrent on the front page of the wiki, which itself I'll be locking down after one last week or so to give people a final chance to make any edits.

This has been one of the most enjoyable wastes of time I've had in the past few years, and I'm grateful to every player who put time and effort into making /pol/iticraft the successful political experiment I was hoping for.

Special thanks:








And fuck you, Stephanie Da Roza.

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