Treaty between THEOS (The Honourable Empire of Sophia) and SRHF (Socialist Republic of Honest Farmers)Edit

The contracting factions solemnly declare that they condemn wars of aggression in their mutual relations or in those with other allied or truced factions, and that the settlement of disputes or controversies of any kind that may arise among them shall be effected only by the pacific means.

They declare that as between the contracting factions territorial questions must not be settled by violence, and that they will not recognise any territorial arrangement which is not obtained by pacific means, nor the validity of the occupation or acquisition of territories that may be brought about by force of arms.

In case of noncompliance, by any faction engaged in a dispute, the contracting factions undertake to make every effort for the maintenance of peace. To that end they will adopt in their character as neutrals a common and solidary attitude; they will exercise the political, juridical, or economic means; they will bring the influence of public opinion to bear, but will in no case resort to intervention, either diplomatic or armed; subject to the attitude that may be incumbent on them by virtue of other collective treaties to which such factions are signatories.

The present treaty is concluded for an indefinite time, but may be denounced by 3 days’ notice, on the expiration of which the effects thereof shall cease for the denouncing faction, and remain in force for the other factions which are parties thereto, by signature or adherence.


admiralbubbles (THEOS)

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