The Official page of Thracia [former Persia]


The Official Flag of Persia.


Constitution of Thracia [former Persia]

1.The name of the faction is Thracia

2.Thracia aims to be a place for people that share a common view or ideology to live and work together for the benefit of both the faction and its members.
3. Each member of the faction is entitled to his/hers resources and items. Him/her will not be in any way pressured to share the resources.
4.Thracia is an independent, unitary and indivisible faction. Any attempt to harm one of the members or the faction itself, will be dealt with accordingly.
5.Thracia is a monarchy, in which human dignity, rights, freedom and justice represent supreme values.
6.Thracia is ruled by His Majesty, King MrKopa and a Council formed by the following members:
Leipertron and Oculus, chosen by His Majesty.

7.New members can be added by the King or the Counselors.

8.In case of War declaration from other factions, all members will become active warriors.

9.Alliance with other factions is made for the benefit of Thracia, promoting trade. In case of war, Thracia will help its allies, and its allies are expected to do the same.

10.Thiefs will be banished from the faction and their stuff will be taken and shared within the faction.

11.Thracia declares war on another faction only if the King agrees, and the enemy faction has done something to harm Thracia, its members or allied factions. During war trading with the enemy faction is prohibited, and sanctions will be applied to the enemy faction.

12.Building in Thracia is allowed in any place, as long as it doesnt interfere with other buildings or properties. Properties will be marked, if the owner of the said property desires to do so.

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