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St. Pauls

Confederate Pauls of America Edit

Pauls is a faction created by, you guessed it, Paul.

Pauls is a faction based in the city of St. Pauls, in South Carolina. It uses a democratic system of government, but the leader makes the important decisions and manages the work in the city.

All land in Pauls is owned by the faction, but private ownership will be allowed if the owner builds the structure, and pays a certain amount to the treasury in St. Pauls every so often.

Faction members will be promoted based on their quality of work, how often they are on the server, and how much they've contributed to the faction.

Commandments of Paul Edit

Pauls is a peaceful faction that operates by the commandments of Paul, which are as follows-

All international diplomacy will take place in the capital (St. Pauls)

Don't attack anyone without consulting Paul, or if they attack you first

Do not grief any unclaimed buildings/structures

Fill up as many maps as possible, and explore as much as possible

Trade in St. Pauls is welcomed and encouraged.

Map of Confederate Pauls of America

Map of Pauls territorial claims and settlements

Travellers are always welcomed in St. Pauls and will be given food if needed.

An act of aggression towards Pauls (Killing/griefing) will treated as a declaration of war.

Don't steal other peoples things in the city.

If you wish to live in the city, you must worki n a specific field. (building/mining/farming etc.)

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St. Pauls 2


Story of Pauls- Edit

On July 19th, Paul was kicked out of Northfrost for "starting shit with other factions", the next day, Paul made the faction Paul. Since Paul governed the Northfrost colonies, naturally he stayed in North America and claimed the former Northfrost South Carolina colony, Southerland, and renamed it so St. Paul.

Sometime later dukennuken joined Paul, and so the faction became Pauls, Paul and Duke created many outposts and colonies, from the Bahamas to Texas, and now they are thriving.

Today Pauls is allied with Northfrost and the two factions help each other run their outposts.

and then kenny ruined everything.


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