Declaration of Values:

We the Free People of the Order of Thule declare full sovereignty over the land given to us by the one true god Kek. The Order of Thule, in the spirit of its patron deity, will maintain a state in which all people are free to pursue their own interests, while still having a strong connection to their homeland. The chaos which is born out of such independence, tempered with good will of the people, will guide the Order to peace and prosperity.

Definition of Rank:

Thule is an order focused on independence above all else. Due to this, all leadership roles in the faction are mostly symbolic.

The title of Leader, or Chief, is given to an officer with exceptional character and a heightened initiative for the betterment of the order and its members. The Chief, being the main executive, answers to a majority vote when it comes to major decisions, and is otherwise left to exercise his powers at will. If such exercise of power goes against the preferences of any of the members, then the issue shall be resolved through the democratic process

The status of Officer, or Elder,  is given to any member who, through time and good deeds, has proven his or her quality of character. Any member can become an officer through deeds which benefit the order. The title carries the benefit of access to the Tower of Elders, which is an excluse area of free city to which no other members may have access. It also carries the responsibility of dealing with disputes and offences.

A Member, or Freeman, is a title given to Travelers who have shown interest in bettering the order. They are given access to public resources and an ability to build and modify structures within the confines of the city.

A Recruit, or Traveler, is any person who may share the values of (to be named) and may possibly want to become a Freeman. They are free to explore the unrestricted areas of the city, and are free to build outside of its walls. They cannot, however, build within the city or cast votes for any issue. A Traveler may remain of that rank indefinitely while enjoying many of the rights and services offered by the city.

All members, regardless of citizen status, are expected to have respect for people both above and below their rank. After all, a simple traveler can ascend quickly through the ranks by his merits, and a seasoned elder may easily lose all status.

Promotion and demotion:

Promotion through the ranks is earned through contributions to the order. These contributions include construction public service buildings, gathering resources for public use, helping out with city projects, fostering trade relations with other nations, defense of the order, etc.

A person may be demoted or expelled if they infringe upon other's rights or break the rules. Severity of punishment will be determined through the democratic process. A temporary demotion may be issued by the Chief or Elders, and it can be appealed by the offender.

Here are the requirements for a promotion into each rank:

Traveler(Recruit): Any person is free to become a traveler to the nation. All that is required is that the person shows no clear malicious intent, causes no harm, and shows interest in cooperating with the order. Settling within the wilderness within a reasonable proximity to the Order territory is a plus, but not a requirement. Traveler status can be given by the Chief and Elders, and it can be put to vote by any member. Likewise, a Traveler may have his status revoked through a vote.

Freeman(Member): A traveler who regularly frequents (>/= 3 hours/week) the order's capitol and develops positive relationships with its members can then be put through a vote to gain membership. The process may be expedited by an an Elder(officer) or Chief(leader) if the person shows exceptional initiative for the betterment of the order. Such actions by the Chiefs and Elders may be reversed through a majority vote via the Complaint Board. Elder(Officer): An especially industrious Freeman who frequently involves him or herself in the betterment of the order may be voted on to become an Elder. Such a person must be present several times a week (>/=5 hours/week) and must frequently get involved in the democratic processes of the order. Any Elder absent for a period longer than 1 month may be demoted to the rank of Freeman through a majority vote.

Chief(Leader): A Chief may be elected by the Freemen and Elders through a majority vote if he or she is often present on the server (>/=5 hours/week) and exhibits qualities which the members of the order deem to be satisfactory in a leader. Any Chiefs may be replaced through a majority vote if they are absent or if another Elder is deemed to be more fit for the role.

Legislative Process:

All legislation in the Order of Thule is passed through the democratic process. A bill is proposed on the Legislative Board within the city hall, and it is then voted on by other members. The majority vote passes the bill into law.

No law may infringe upon other member's rights and freedoms. A truly free society relies on a fair and democratic judicial process more than on a meticulous legislative process.

Judicial Process:

All public disputes are settled through a majority vote cast through the use of the Complaint Board inside the court house. When a member has a complaint, he voices it on the Board and members are free to vote for or against it, or they can propose a fair settlement which is then again voted on. If a sufficient amount of members are online, the dispute is settled verbally among all citizens, regardless of rank, except for Travelers. The verbal trial follows the same process as the written one. It can be done through in-game chat or any third-party software. All members are encouraged to take part in the judicial process, including Travelers whose opinions may or may not be considered.

The Chief and all elders reserve the right to temporarily demote any offender when a major offense is committed. This right is to be used only when the need arises, and never to settle personal issues. Misuse of this right may cause demotion.

International Relationships:

Order of Thule is an order rooted in freedom and peace. In order to achieve such a goal, positive relationships must be fostered with other nations. Our state is open to trade and cooperation by any of our members with any outside state. If any outside state cherishes the ideals for which our order stands for, and cooperates with our people through trade, assistance or defense, then that state can be voted into an alliance through a majority vote. The vote shall take place in person or through the use of the Vote Board within the city hall. Though our order prefers neutrality and cooperation with other states, we accept the fact that in some cases force must be used to deter foreign aggression. When an outside state engages in violence against any free person of our order, the matter is brought to the court and the case is examined by other Freemen. If the aggressor is deemed to be a foreigner, his home nation is then petitioned for reimbursement of lost goods as well as a formal apology. Failure to deliver will result in cessation of trade and closing of borders to all members of that state. Any trespassers are to then be considered hostile by all Freemen.

In the event that an outsider is unjustly attacked by a member of our order, that member will be treated with the manner as if they attacked another Freeman. This person will face a trial, which will determine their punishment and compensation to the victim.

If a state hostile to our order goes to war with an ally of our order, all members of our state are free to join our allies in their plight.

No vote shall be put forth to go to war with any state for any reason outside of self defense. If a state declared as hostile organizes raids against our order, then countermeasures voted on to be appropriate will be deployed. A Chief or en Elder is entitled to act immediately when action is required, without a vote. The action may later be voted on to continue or to cease.

Bill of Rights

Every Freeman has the right to act according to his will, unless it infringes upon the rights of another.

These rights include but are not limited to:

-Right to private property: All members, regardless of rank, have the right to declare a portion of land unclaimed by others as their own. They are free to do what they please with it. This right can only be limited if the property is within the walls of the city and the people, through the democratic process, determine that the building is inappropriate for the city. In this case, the creator of the building may modify it to fit certain criteria, or demolish it completely. No member of any rank shall be required to forfeit items without their consent. Any items within the city walls which are taken without permission will be returned to the owner.

-Right to free speech: All members, regardless of rank, are free to voice any and all opinions they may have. No person shall be persecuted for their views. This right is limited, and any threats or spam can incur a majority vote for punishment. Minor offenses such as spam or harassment may be punished with a temporary demotion by any Chief or Elder without a vote.

-Right to self defense: Any member is free to defend themselves when attacked by a foreign party. Such actions by others are unwarranted and are ground for a declaration of war against the faction or individual.

-Right to roam: All members are free to roam and explore infinitely without incurring any risks of demotion or expulsion from the order. The security of all items stored outside of city walls is in the hands of the owner.

General Rules:

Always follow server rules!

Do not spam the faction chat. Or any chat for that matter

Do not take from personal storage chests of other members.

Do not take from the community chest unless you have or intend to contribute to it.

Do not destroy or deface buildings you have not built.

Declare your intent to modify an existing building. Wait for approval by builder. (excludes minor fixes)

Do not harass anyone, regardless of rank or faction membership.

Never initiate violence against another player, regardless of faction membership. This includes theft and destruction of property

Report any theft or violence verbally to other Freemen, on the notice board, and to the server admin (if perpetrated by a non-hostile faction or by an individual)

Do not reveal information pertaining to the order (coordinates, stash locations, strategic points, etc.) to non-citizens or to Travelers who may not yet know that information. The punishment for breaking this rule is relative to any harm the action caused to the order.

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