- NigComia is a communist not statist country located in the Congo.

- There are no leaders in NigComia, and the person who has the leadership rights is just a trustworthy man who won’t delete the faction.

-If the one with the leadership rights were to quit, they would pass the leadership to a person voted by the community.

- New members are allowed to join if they agree with our niggerly ways and are down wit da hood life.

- Since NigComia is isolationist, in order for us to declare war, the entire faction must vote on it.

- Post constitutional laws must be voted on by the faction members.

-Offenders of the rules will be warned, then burnt in a pit designed for fascist if such antics continue

- No one in the faction has any rights to pieces of land. Everything belongs to everyone.

- All Nigcomian actions must benefit the community, No stealing from the national bank, and no murder of faction members. No wearing pants unless you have your fly down, and if u see a whye wimin, you must seduce her.

- You are allowed to enter the national bank if it benefits the community, and if someone declares war on nigcomia, the person with the leadership right is temporary dictator.


everyone is our brens until they declare war on us hoodrats in the event of war the leader is temp dictator


Everyone shares everything!!!111oneoneone

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