Flag of Belarus

The Kingdom of Belarus is one of the richest eastern European countries in both material wealth and culture. It is commanded by its king, PlywoodCutout. Belarus strives to become a prominent landmark in Europe and establish itself as a respected center of trade and commerce.

Members: Edit

PlywoodCutout (King)

Specever (Prince & The Royal Jester)

Constitution: Edit

The Kingdom of Belarus bestows absolute power to its leader by Divine Right of King. Subject to no earthly authority, the benevolent king of Belarus is free to command as he pleases.

Leadership: Edit

Upon the kings untimely death, his oldest and ugliest heir will be appointed as the new monarch.

Anybody who does not carry the royal blood will not even be considered.

Responsibilities of the Monarch: Edit

It is the monarch's duty to ensure peace remains prevalent and that idle hands are put to use.

The king will have final word on all matters of conflict.

Responsibilities of the Ruled: Edit

All must obey the word of the Divine.

All must participate in battle if war was to ever break out.

Outside contact with hostile factions will not be tolerated.

Treason shall be met with swift punishment. (Kick & Kill)

Rights of the Ruled: Edit

Under the king, men have the right to:

Private Property (Must be approved first)

Free trade

Access to Public Agriculture (So long as everything is replanted)

Alliances & Wars: Edit

Only the king has the power to declare war or establish an alliance.

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