Ironforge is a National Socialist faction of Dwarven peoples whose aim is to extract wealth from the earth for the betterment of its kind and to ultimately secure a bright and solid future for the Dwarven race.

History and Foreign policyEdit

Founded and led by Roodgier and Nigel Farage after arriving on the server from a far off land and seeking a new home for their race, Ironforge's policy is one of peace, cooperation and trade, but they will not stand idle if the interests of their race are in danger.

Aside from the Dwarves, golems have been allowed to live in Ironforge in return for their help in securing its safety, assisting in expansion and mining and helping with construction of new quadrants.

Political and Military StructureEdit

Ironforge is led by High Chieftan Nigel Farage and domestic policy is overseen by The Honourable Chief Roodgier. Ironforge's most senior and decorated general is Shekelberg the golem who helped beat back the first invasion of the cave spiders during its founding in the 3rd Dwarven year of the mole.

"Shekels good. Keep shekels safe." - Shekelberg



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