Geneva is an International region where factions can build their embassies, duel legally in the arena, and work out trade deals and otherwise come together and make the server better.

Founding of Geneva

Geneva was founded shortly before the SRHF-Normandy war by The Kingdom Of Powys and other European factions. Early factions to claim land in Geneva were Normandy, Northfrost. Powys, Germany, and Prussia. Geneva was planned to also have a large meeting hall like the United Nations.

Later Years

Geneva would die out after the SRHF-Normandy war due to factions wanting to work on other things, Geneva also experienced several greifings at the hands of an invisible man. However, Geneva soon became prevalent again after new factions like TheCompany, Nigcom, Dul Sicily, and Cascadia came into the mix as well as Hungary. SRHF also built a dueling arena so the server could release its sexual tension when it was high. Geneva was also connected to Germany via a new Super Highway.

Ahungian Genocide of Geneva

Tension on the server was at an all time high and many factions in Europe were preparing for war, the war would come in an unseen form though, a massive greifing spree by the breakaway faction Ahungia.

Ahungia burnt down most of the buildings in, Cascadia's embassy was all but burnt to the ground, Northfrosts embassy was burnt considerably, the old Powys embassy was gutted, the arena was destroyed, Genevas wooden road was burnt, Hungarys embassy was gutted, TheCompanys embassy was gutted and Geneva was all but destroyed and in ruins. The only embassys to escape unharmed was Germanys and FBE's.

Attempts to rebuild Geneva have been undertaken, however most factions are no longer looking at the city due to europes dying out and new factions being formed away from Europe. Currently only TheCompany, Germany, FBE and Northfrost operate true embassys in Geneva.

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