Declaration of war against the faction "Insanes"

It is with a heavy heart that I do today declare war against the Insanes. Our dedication to peace remains as solid as it was when our faction was founded. However, a number of actions by the Insanes leader DrRebel -an ex member of Powys - force my hand as I can no longer tolerate the level of open provocation put forth by him toward our kingdom and its people.

We declare war for these reasons:

-leaving the faction and founding a new one without once guaranteeing his discretion regarding matter of state importance -purposfully filling our main base with security hazards for other factions and probably his own to exploit -openly insulting our members -building his base as an open provocation to our own -taking a number of materials beyond his own personal wealth with him when he left Powys -attempting to fill the faction with security holes from the inside, something obviously stopped by the council -breaching our agreement with the faction Normandy regarding buildings in England in an attempt to trigger a war -being a general fucking dumbass who's like should not be tolerated on this server

Any members of the Insanes spotted by our own will be killed. Any base built by them will be destroyed until it is naught but a smoldering hole in the ground. Our conditions for peace are the return of the materials DrRebel took with him and the Insanes word that they will never set foot in Europe - not to build, not to trade and not to wander. A breech of these conditions will result in renewed WAR and harsher conditions following that.

EDIT: The faction Insanes promptly disbanded upon our declaration being linked in the server chat. DrRebel has however not returned the wealth he took, and so he will still be hunted by us until he has done so. Any factions who recruit him will be asked to release him until he has met our demands. If they do not, we will be forced to declare war.

The council of Powys deeply regrets having to act in this way, but as said earlier, our hand is forced. We simply cannot let the things DrRebel has done go unpunished.

EDIT2: DrRebel has now formed a new faction called Fisch and claimed land near the Isle of Lewis. This faction will, of course, be destroyed shortly. To the list of his crimes we add a violent raping of the English language even I could not match.

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