As of now NovaScotia has changed names twice to Isreal and now NorthKorea.

Last night Akatius visited the lands of Innawoods and when he was questioned about it this morning he refused to respond. In addition they attacked Mangoofart earlier after he asked them why they were building on SRHF lands. These acts cannot go unpunished and so in accordance with the mutual defense pact we signed with SRHF we of Innawoods now join SRHF in its battle to rid our world of the belligerent NovaScotia faction.

New Addition: Since NovaScotia (now Argentina) has decided to keep lands claimed in North America and close to our territories we have decided to continue the war. Until these lands our unclaimed we will not end the war.

Signed: Galactic Fairy, peterwhitehead, GaleHawthorn

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