The threat

One of the several threatening messages directed at SRHF by Austrian citizens.

Over the past two weeks, the Honest Farmers of SRHF have continually received threatening messages from members and officers of the Austrian empire, culminating in the attached message in which the Austrian Absolute_Faggot loudly mentioned that they were aware of SRHF’s locations and “had the numbers and information to annihilate them”.

Subsequently the Austrian Myridian trespassed on SRHF’s land after Austrians were asked explicitly not to be seen nearby (due to the dangerous attitudes of some of their members).  Myridian left only after being threatened with death, but still repeatedly asked to see the inside of SRHF’s base, a request which was not honored due to the obvious security concern.

After all of the above events, it is the opinion of SRHF’s General Secretary Mangoofart that the Honest Farmers have no choice but to declare war. This decision is done regretfully, as the Farmers are a peaceful people and sincerely do not wish to be involved in the first major conflict of the server, but it is necessary in order to maintain their own longevity in the face of a hostile faction with over 20 members of its own.

This declaration will be in effect until the Austrian Kaiser does one of the following:

1. Disbands Austria

2. Removes the member “Absolute_Faggot” and renounces Austria’s imperialist ideals.

Proposed by the General Secretary Mangoofart on June 23, 2015.

Voting record of the people’s committee (passed with a 5/8 majority): 

Draiden_Kaid: Yes

Fire1052: Yes

Retard_Magnet: Abstaining

DDadams: Yes

Keranos08: Yes

Trapdoorgranny: No

Sploogegargler: Yes

Jammit999: (Awaiting vote)

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