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Dacia (pronounced "dah-chii-uh") is a monarcho-libertarian faction. In real life, Dacia is this and this.


Dacia is to be led by a self-appointed Head of State and Government (henceforth referred to as the Head). Any powers not explicitly granted to the Head are reserved to the citizens of Dacia (henceforth referred to as the people). There are not to be any forms of government between the Head and the people, official or unofficial. The powers reserved to the Head currently include complete leadership over health care and military-related resources as well as complete control over the location of Dacia's territory. The Constitution may be amended by the Head to include additional powers at any time without input from the people.

In the Minecraft world, food affects your health more directly than in real life; thus, production and distribution of food falls under health care, which is controlled by the Head. All food production in Dacia will be done in one central Garden overseen by the Head and maintained by the Head and the people, and all food storage will be done in community chests overseen but not controlled by the Head. The people are free to withdraw and deposit food from the central Garden in the community chests as needed. The Garden consists of every crop as well as mass breeding of meats and poultry. Any person found to be possessing a kind of food not produced from the Garden or from ingredients produced from the Garden, with the exception of apples, will have that food confiscated and be punished in a manner determined by the Head. 

Production, distribution, and storage of all weaponry and explosives, including but not limited to swords, bows, and TNT, with the exception of wood and stone swords, is to be overseen and controlled by the Head. Any person wishing to acquire a controlled weapon must request permission from the Head. Persons found to be in possession of a controlled weapon or explosive not acquired from the Head will have that weapon or explosive confiscated and be punished in a manner determined by the Head.

Dacia is a private faction; it does not ask for charity or alliance, and it does not offer charity or alliance. Dacia is also a peaceful faction in that it surrenders its right to begin war; if war is declared on Dacia, however, it will defend itself to the best of its ability. To become a constituent of Dacia, you must wait for the Head to take pity on you and grant you access; there is no other way in.


atineiatte joined Prussia, didn't like it, and formed Dacia.

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