Sparta is an established monarchy inspired by the Spartan Empire. The Empire encourages trade to prosper and supports the idea of a strong and reliable government.

Article I: Property among Citizens Edit

1.1 Spartan citizens are not to damage other Spartan property for any reason.

1.2 Stealing among citizens is prohibited. Property of citizens include that stored in home or person.

1.3 The building of both public based and private based buildings must be approved by Leader or an appointed official.

1.4 The demolition of both public based and private based buildings must be approved by Leader or appointed official.

1.5 Both livestock and crops that reside on a citizen's property will count as their private property and shall not be tampered with unless given permission by property owner.

1.6 Leader can decide to have final say in any property violations that may occur.

1.7 Leader is able to decide both the demolition and construction of buildings as he sees fit.

Article II: Crime and Punishment Edit

2.1 Murder is prohibited and will result in execution or banishment.

2.2 Theft is prohibited among citizens and will result in banishment.

2.3 Destruction of any government or private property is prohibited. Punishment is possible banishment or execution.

2.4 Treachery against the Spartan Empire will result in public execution.

Article III: National / International Policy Edit

3.1 The defacing of another nation's property is prohibited unless at war.

3.2 Any verbal harassment among other factions is prohibited unless as war.

3.3 The aiding of a a rival faction against the Spartan Empire is prohibited. (See II, 1.4)

3.4 Alliances will be sought out by Leader or his appointed officials when needed.

3.5 National trade between Sparta and another nation has to be approved by Leader before any Spartan citizens may trade with said nation.

3.6 Leader will get final say when determining alliances, trade, war, and peace to be carried out.

3.7 Leader has choice to appoint certain citizens to manage policies as he sees fit.

3.6 In the event of the Spartan Empire losing their Leader, the place of Leader will be given to a pre-appointed official chosen by the previous leader.

3.7 If no Leader was chosen, a Leader will be decided upon the following hierarchy:


Head of Elder Council

Spartan Aristocrat

Perioeci Class


3.8 Citizens must be willing to sacrifice their own property to Leader if told to do so when aiding a conflict.

Article IV: Economics Edit

4.1 Purchases on Spartan Soil will be determined on Barter.

4.2 Purchases on Spartan Soil will be determined by the citizen selling good or service as the citizen sees fit.

4.3 The creation of banks on Spartan soil are prohibited due to the dependency of barter.

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