1. § Goverment of RegniPolonici

1. § art. 1. In RegniPolonici governs Totalitarian Monarchy

1. § art. 2. Leader have absolute power in RegniPolonici, unless he no longer will be able to be a Leader

1. § art. 3. In case of need, new Leader is choosen and promoted by old one.

1. § art. 4. Leader can have one advisor, choosen by him.

2.  § Admission of new members

2. § art. 1. New members are accepted by Leader

2. § art. 2. Members of RegniPolonici can suggest new members but it is up to the Leader to admit them or not.

3. § Declaring war and passing alliance

3. § art. 1. War is declared by Leader sending this message to the other Faction "I "name of the Leader" in the name of RegniPolonici declare war on your faction!"

3. § art. 2. When war is declared there are two ways to end it. First is to kill another faction. Second is to make peace with it.

3. § art. 3. Alliance can be ended by simply declaring it to the allied faction.

4. § Judical process for offenders of faction law

4. § art. 1. If someone killed another member or griefed his building on purpouse, shall be punished with exile from RegniPolonici.

5. § Promoting

5. § art. 1. If member is giving his faction glory with good buildings, mining valuables and keeping good behavior,

then he has a possibility of being promoted.

5. § art. 2 If member is doing no good for his faction and is behaving bad, has a possibility of being demoted

6. § Securing members buildings

6. § art. 1. If member has build a good building the Leader shall secure it by claiming land in and around it.

6. § art. 2. If member has build an ugly building that can be a disgrace for his faction then the Leader can demand

a rebuild of it.

7. § Members rights

7. § art. 1. A member has a right to keep half of important valuables he has dig (diamonds, gold, lapis, redstone)

7. § art. 2. A member has a right to build near his faction, with exceptions like railways and bridges.

7. § art. 3. A member has a right to have his own private chest.

8. § Goverment's limits

8. § art. 1. The Leader cannot take anything from member's private chests

8. § art. 2. The Leader can't kick out someone because he don't like him. He can only kick from the faction when

a member has broke rules.

8.  § art. 3. The Leader can't interfere to his members private time, unless they agree to it.

9. § Goverment's duties

9. § art. 1. The Leader have to log in to the server at least once before 14 days expires.

9. § art. 2. The Leader should always listen to what members have to say if they are in need.

9. § art. 3. The Leader should always bring justice to those who broke the rules. He must show them who's the BIG GUY.

A clause to 8. § art. 1. The Leader can take stolen stuff from member's private chests if they are proved of stealing.

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