The Confederate States of Earth is a series of separate city states governed by their own constitutions.

The Tribunal is composed up of 3 members who issue all orders from the CSE to either individual city states or to every city state.

City StatesEdit

City States in the CSE must have land claimed for them by a member of the Tribunal and must edit their section on this page with their own constitution.

City states can be any ideology or political leaning but they must divert all foreign policy to The Tribunal and must adhere to any Orders issued by The Tribunal but by all other means are autonomous.

City State of MoriaEdit

The City State of Moria is ruled by the King of Dwarves, DurinLongbeard.

All citizens will be given an area underground which is their own space. The space will be inside of claimed territory and will be walled off with the only entrance being an iron door. By the door a sign must be planted showing who owns the room. Inside of this room the citizens can do anything he wishes as it is his space, not even the King has absolute authority here.

All citizens will pick a job. The job you choose will just require you to donate resources from that type to the town warehouse.

Jobs: Miner, Forester, Farmer, Hunter, Builder,

Miners will donate ores and resources. Foresters will donate wood. Farmers will be in charge of the town farm and animal breeding. Hunters will collect animals for Farmers and Hunt around Moria collecting mob drops. Builders will be in charge of artistic and functional town projects.

The Kings word is final but what is a king without his people?

City State of RagusaEdit

Ragusa, located on the southern coast of Croatia and it's current Chancellor is ITehCheese.

Constitution will come today.

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