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The Flag of Cascadia

Cascadia is a Libertarian Republic inspired by early American thought. Shaped by the ideas of private property and non-interventionism, Cascadians are filled with rugged individualism. Free trade is allowed and encouraged between citizens and between factions. 

Cascadia Contitution

Preamble Edit

We the free people of Cascadia ban together to form a free and sovereign society, devoid of corruption and tyranny, that we may live as we wish in peace, liberty and independence.

Article 1 - Bill of Rights: Edit

Section 1: Private property rights shall not be infringed. Private property constitutes any item or items within a citizens home or on their person. 

Section 2: A citizen’s home may not be tampered with, burned or otherwise destroyed even if voted upon. 

Theft and murder are not permitted. Should a case of wrongdoing be brought up, the case shall be presented to the citizens and then voted upon.

Should a citizen be exiled from Cascadia, the remaining citizens shall vote on the outcome of the exiled citizens possessions and home.

Section 3: There shall be no established religion.

Section 4: Should there be a currency system established, there shall be NO tax levied upon the citizens and there shall be NO banking system (central or otherwise) implemented. 

Article 2 - National: Edit

Section 1: Every citizen of Cascadia will get one vote on a given proposal. In the event of a tie, the Leader’s vote will count as two votes.

Section 2: A proposal shall be brought to vote by any citizen via the current Cascadia leader. A simple majority will be required to pass a proposal.

Proposals include the formation and disillusion of alliances.

This simple majority vote will also be used to determine whether or not to accept new members. 

Section 3: Declarations of War and Constitutional Amendments require a nation-wide unanimous vote to pass.

Section 4: A leader shall be elected among the population. That leader shall then appoint the national hierarchy of citizens. This hierarchy dictates who is in charge if the whole nation is not currently present. 

The government offices in order of hierarchy:

Burgess: Highest office. Overall leader.

Diplomat: Foreign Affairs official.

Militia Commander: Maintains Armory, Outposts and combat readiness.

Sheriff: Local law enforcement. Maintain safety domestically. 








1.1 All minerals, including but not necessarily limited to redstone, diamond, iron, gold, flint, and coal, are required to be forefeited to the state of Cascadia following collection, as soon as it is possible for the plaery to do so. This does not include minerals already mined, although it is highly reccomended for public safety that all possible minerals to be donated shall be donated.

1.1 Shall be repealed due to the end of war. -theMightyRogo

Economic Ammendment: Edit

Section 0: A new appointed office, the Treasurer, shall be created. The responsiblity of this office is to manage the National Inventory and Exchange.  

Section 1 - All land of Cascadia is to be owned by the State, but can be purchased in 16x16 chunks for Private Property. Prices will be set by the National Exchange. All payments made will be put into a bank (National Exchange) to be used by the state in times of war or necessity. 

Section 2 - Trade shall be allowed between the citizen and state for necessary supplies in the National inventory. A standard currency shall be set similar to the one for land buying, and sellers can must their prices with this medium and employers must offer this currency as a choice for compensation. Barter is still acceptable.

Section 3 - Trade between nations and citizen-to-citizen will remain an open barter/free market system. The currency system and prices will only effect buying and selling from the National Inventory and Exchange.

Section 4 - The National Inventory and Exchange will primarily buy and sell precious commodities to stockpile for the national need: coal, iron, gold, gunpowder, obsidian and diamond. The militia commander must check up on this stockpile regularly for theft and fraud.

Section 5 - In times of war, the National Inventory is to be used as the reserves of supplies to equip and maintain the soldiers of Cascadia.

Signatures- put your name and vote below(yea or nay)

Masterlucas - yea

theMightyRogo - yea

penguin1634 - yea

2Dollarbill - yea


Constitutional Reform Amendment (Still Pending)Edit

The purpose of this amendment is to increase the vitality and robustness of the republic by reforming recruitment procedures and codifying voting procedures

Provision 1. There will be a new legal person created called the Recruit Citizen. This is to contrast with the legal person known as the Full Citizen. Officers may recruit new members bypassing the vote and members recruited in such a manner will be considered Recruit Citizens.

Provision 2. From henceforth every current member and previous founder of Cascadia is concidered a full citizen, which by no means is a permanent status and can rescinded by regular processes of the law.

Provision 3. Recruit Citizens shall be afforded the right to property, but will not recieve a jury trial. Instead, in the any legal case, they must be judged by either the Sheriff, the Burgess, or the officer that recruited them.

Provision 4. 7 days after being recruited, a recruit citizen will become a full citizen.

Provision 5. The voting period for every Burgess election shall begin 3 days before the end of the month, and end 7 days into the next month.

Provision 6. Only full citizens can vote.

Provision 7. Citizens who have been off for more than a week ( this can be checked with the command /check [playername] )will be considered Absentee Citizens and will not count towards total available full citizen voters. If an Absentee comes back on they will considered a full citizen again.

Signatures-put your name and vote below (yea or nay)

Masterlucas - yea

Joepatray - yea No longer a citizen

Warofwest - yea No longer a citizen

Head of State PollEdit



MAY 2014 ELECTION-FinishedEdit

penguin1634 - Masterlucas

Masterlucas - Chakeda

Masterlucas - penguin1634

Masterlucas - Germanlink93

Masterlucas - theMightyRogo

AngryCzechFaggot AngryCzechFaggot

JUNE 30th 2014 ELECTION-FinishedEdit

Masterlucas - joepatray

Masterlucas Masterlucas

joepatray - durinlongbeard  Not a citizen

JULY 30th 2014 ELECTIONEdit

Masterlucas - Joepatray

Masterlucas - Bob

Karnosiris - lolbott Not a citizen

Masterlucas - MrKopa


The Cascadian constitution was ratified after much deliberation on April 4, 2014.

April 5, 2014: Cascadia has formed an alliance with the nearby nation of Britain.

The Sophian WarEdit

Diplomacy CrisisEdit

Seeking allies and trade partners, Cascadia discovered an outpost of the Republic of Sophia. Sophian standard procedure dictated that coordinates were given to allow for trade, and the naive  Cascaidians agreed. A few short hours afterwards, Jydee, a member the RoS, impersonated the President of the Republic and declared war on Cascadia. The few Sophian members that were online joined the attack on Cascadia, slaughtering the unprepared peoples. All forces involved in the attack were banned, which remains controversial as several members were unaware of the impersonation. Sophian envoys journeyed to Cascadia with diamond armor and enchanted bows to unclaim the land. The envoys were met with fear and heavy questioning while awaiting orders. Finally a reparation of 6 diamonds was given. Cascadians at the scene reported that the envoy giving them said, "you can have these, for now". As a result, relations between the two factions remain tense.

2014-04-07 19.32.50

An Omen or a Threat?

Tension risesEdit

Following the incident, the Nation of Cascadia had passed Addemdum 1.1, a socialist policy meant to increase war readiness.

On April 7, 2014, burning crosses were spotted near the Cascadian border.

The Sack of CascadiaEdit

2014-04-08 20.51.22

The Meeting Hall, after being burnt and vandalized.

During some unspecific time on April 8, 2014, the Republic of Sophia came into Cascadia.

2014-04-08 20.51.52

The private homes of citizens were all destroyed in wake of the attack.

Large tracts of land were taken and all valuables pillaged. Precious architecture and public buildings were bombed, burned and crushed. Citizens were forced to flee far away from the violent occupation force. Many admit that the raid wouldn't be so bad if the server wasn't being DDoS'd for several days straight. The nation's life now hangs by a thread.

The Coalition of Anti-Imperialist Nations retaliatesEdit

On April 9th, 2014, The Socialist Republic of Honest Farmers, Cascadia, and Britian laid siege to the capital of the Republic of Sophia. Protected by a deep trench and a high wall, the city was eventually successfully breached and forces from the SRHF spearheaded the attack. Cascadia and Britain mainly provide intelligence and logistical assistance, due to their nations being unable to declare war on RoS. Large amounts of wealth was taken to be used as reperations for victimed countries, and buildings were torn down to be left as a reminder to any empire that dares disrupt the peace.

The New ServerEdit

After Kenney removed the angry-angry-abbos from the server, a new one started with a fresh map. Cascadia has remained as one of the more prominant factions, being populous and with frequent players.

A new hall was built in memory of the old one. The old hall was burnt to the ground by 

2014-04-27 19.00.41

Sophian imperialists, a day that still lives within the living memory of the citizens of Cascadia.

From May 11 to May 12, Cascadia participated in the Seven Hour War against RusTsardom.

The Earth ServerEdit

2014-06-08 00.18.44

The modest Cascadian Capitol.

On June 6th, 2014, Kenney made a new server with a map resembling Earth. Cascadia Immediately joined the server.

The International Mapping ProjectEdit

The June 2014 bombingEdit

2014-06-22 16.09.01

Ground zero of the explosions.

On June 22, 2014, the home of Masterlucas, Burgess of Cascadia at the time, was bombed into the ground. Investigation has narrowed down the player who commited this grave property damage into two likely candidates, CarrotFerret (who immigrated to NorthFrost) and joepatray(who remains in the faction). The house contained many mineral valuables, including a majority store of Cascadia's total diamond wealth. The investigation is ongoing.

The 2015 Server Edit

2015-06-09 19.04.05

Once again, the Cascadian hall

On June 6th, 2015, Kenney made another politicraft server. Cascadia stuck on to it as soon as humanly possible.

A New Leader Edit

On June 8th, 2015 Karnosiris beat MasterLucas in the election for Burgess, ending Lucas's year long rule of the faction and being the first person other than MasterLucas to win the election. The deciding vote was that of malcoME_87 who presumably believed Karnosiris was experienced and a long time member. Although he was actually a new member, Karnosiris was a storied player and brought his well appreciated expertise to the office.

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