The Peaceful One is at war without and within

The Mantle Shelters All

Borne By StormsEdit

   Borne By Storms, the Promethean, is second-in-command of the faction Serbia, invited whilst it operated under the banner "Arstotzka".

Player AttributesEdit

   Borne can be identified by his Zeruel skin.

 A key component to his playstyle is a set of self-regulated rules upon which he operates. These include the inability to use an Iron or Diamond sword without having named it (discluding wooden or stone swords, and axes); these are displayed before breaking in the Trophy Room inside Borne's Keep.

 Another consequence of his rules, some set by the philosophy of the Mantle, is that he is forbidden from consuming meat. Thus, Borne subsists on plant foods.

Player HistoryEdit

   Borne migrated from Hudson's /Pol/andcraft server around late June 2015, seeking to start anew amidst a playerbase less frequented by degenerate players. He immediately joined Arstotzka, led by Shyste, another Hudsoncraft veteran, and set about building a respectable base of operations for the faction. This led to the creation of Borne's Keep, a stone-brick structure in the middle of a lake that led to extensive underground facilities.

 Very soon, other migrants latched themselves to the faction, including Fetuscake, BiggestDeepVoice, and Weaveme, all worthy players whose contribution to the rapidly expanding faction was instrumental.

 In between building projects, Borne split his time between enchanting items with extraordinary quality, and formulating the pseudo-religious philosophy to introduce to the server, based upon the Mantle of Responsibility. As a consequence of the perceived duty to preserve life and knowledge, Borne both underwent a personal challenge to abstain from eating meat, as per the Mantle's teachings, and dedicated himself to deposing and archiving the events of the server.

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