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Constitution of the Anfashi People Edit

We the white men, in order to form a future for a libertarian free social order, to establish free markets, and ensure domestic tranquility willingly surpass judgement as vigilantes. We will promote the existence of the white race, and a future for white posterity.  And preserve the progression of our race, and mutual freedoms for ourselves and our future generations to come. To ordain this document in the name of a perfect and ratified Anfash. To abide by no man, and have no legislative power, rendering the maximum freedoms of the Anfashi people obsolete.  We hold freedom and non-aggression to be self-evident, given to us by philosophers such as Hoppe, Rothbard, and Mises.

  1. Not all men are created equal in the eyes of the Anfash domain. 1488, we must preserve the existence of our people, and a future for white children, rendering all other races, not superior to the whites.
  2. No individual or group of adolescents shall be able to prevent the rights of free speech, furthermore excluding niggers, and other sand monkeys. And other homo sapiens that neglect the proper means of intelligence that is needed to survive in society.
  3. The right to bare weaponry is not only given, but advised. The white man needs to protect himself against all enemies. Niggers, Muslims, Spics, and Cucks. Domestic and Foreign.
  4. Statists, and communist libertarians, are to be thrown out of helicopters. Furthermore, we must secure the existence for our helicopters, and a future for physical removal.
  5. Furthermore, a vigilante group called, The Right Wing Death Squad, shall be in charge of all deportations from our Right wing utopia.
  6. Traps aren’t to be specifically redeemed as homosexual in the eyes of our people.
  7. Ignore amendment 6 you fucking faggot.
  8. All homosexuals, shall be tortured, and brainwashed in order to become straight, but if said individual is not a white gay, then he is to be lynched by the Vigilante group, the Ku Klux Klan.
  9. In all the markets, gas is to be 50% off.
  10. Trade shall depend on items to items.
  11. If you digest mommy’s cummies, you get good boy points, and with those, you can acquire chunky breast milk, mountain dew, and a sticky playboy magazine.
  12. Ignore the kikes at the local wells fargo.
  13. Praise Kek, and anyone who does not follow the Kek god is to be sentenced to physical removal by the local vigilantes, the Right Wing Death Squad.

Furthermore, the grand wizard ratified this constitution, in the name of the one true god, Kek.

Edit By Faction Owner:

Ignore this BS... Will update soon for true Anfashi Justice Dictates

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