I. Skadjillieian Privilege

All documented legal citizens of  THE REPUBLIC OF Skadjillie are born or endowed with certain rights and privileges to be recognized by the Emperor.

Documentation of such rights are as follows: every non-citizen of Skadjillie is to be treated legally as wild boar, and may be taken as property by ANY true citizen of Skadjillie. Citizens of Skadjillie have the right to any attainable weapon with no exception. Citizens are entitled to half of the faction power they provide to Skadjillie. Any citizen banished from Skadjillie is to be attacked on sight by active citizensAny citizen banished from Skadjillie is to be attacked on sight by active citizens. Fellow members however, are to be treated as yourself.  Your offence will match the penalty.  However, it is within an Elders authority to invalidate your citizenship, and order a bounty placed on your head, for any misconduct.

II. Immigration, and  National Policies

All wandering, and nomadic peoples, who wander intend to settle in the documented territory of Skadjillie must agree to the penned terms and conditions of the Skadjillieian elders.  Refusing, or pretending to read the terms and conditions will result in immediate gassing, followed by cremation. Any and all groups, nations, and factions opposing the privileges of the Skadjillieian people, will be pursued to the ends of the world border, collected, and gassed/tortured respectively.

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