Academi follows a strict ideology which focuses on the respect of its members.

The four levels of command

- Head Commander - Hercules

- Commander - drydog, dogbone37

- Members - Mathew, Dooplover

- Recruits - //

Recruits will be invited by any commander after reviewing their ability to fit in with Academi at large

Recruits -> Member - promotions will occur under a commanders digression

Member -> Commander - A majority vote must be passed by commanders and head commander

Commander -> Head Commander - if decided by the head commander

All items will be shared between members and above, bar one double chest of items which are the property of its owner.

All post constitutional laws are to be decided by a majority vote of all commanders and above.

If a law is broken the offending party will be subject to a commander or above kicking them from the faction.

Formations of allies or declarations of war are to be passed by a majority vote of the commanders and above.

Signed Hercules, Dogbone37, Drydog

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